4/08/2018 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Pacific plate unrest spreads to USA / West Coast California + Europe

________ This weeks global earthquake forecast can be viewed below: Please DO NOT reupload this video to youtube. As of April 8, 2018 we are denying youtube any new content.  No new dutchsinse cont…

Source: 4/08/2018 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Pacific plate unrest spreads to USA / West Coast California + Europe

Call To Action- Pass Child Victims Act

Just a Chick

Recently, actor Corey Feldman has partnered with Lawyer & Advocate Marci Hamilton CEO of Child USA in his efforts to help remove the Statute Of Limitations on the reporting of Sexual Abuse.

Below, is an open letter to Senator John Flanagan with some actual facts to consider because we need his help to #PASSCHILDVICTIMSACT

There are over 2.9 million REPORTED cases of child sexual abuse reported in the U.S. each year. Consider for a moment how many cases go unreported. That is a SAD FACT.

If a person is molested as a child, the average person does not acknowledge or discuss abuse until age 42.My husband actually committed suicide as a result of systemic child abuse at age 42. DEVASTATING FACT.

The current Statute Of Limitations is actually protecting the predator and is setup so that the victim suffers a life sentence, while the predator remains free. The law…

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Beautiful British birds. Watercolour paintings by great new Artist Emma Hogan

Emma Hogan BA(HONS) Animation, illustrator of the front cover of my book Keeper of the Enchanted Pool is an extremely talented artist. Her remarkable talent for painting lifelike pictures of wildlife was spotted by The Wallington Gallery. Her watercolour paintings of birds are now included amongst their collection of Fine British & European Paintings for sale, including, among many other talented artists, William Hoggatt and Bill Hindmarsh. The Wallington Gallery is based in Corbridge, Northumberland and run by run by Brian Alger with involvement from the well-known and respected Mrs. Gillian Fairless.

Emma’s eye for detail is remarkable. It has been said that her paintings look like photographs. With an ability to draw and paint in any medium and any subject, I am sure that Emma will be a name to watch out for in the Art world.

Her paintings are available from The Wallington Gallery framed and with free postage and packing Worldwide for all paintings bought on line.

Keeper of the Enchanted Pool is now on Kindle on Amazon

Lottie and the Pipples can now be read in Kindle form.  I have finally been able to master the technology to turn my Children’s novel into a digital book.

So anyone with an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch or computer (download the free reader from Amazon) can start reading in a few seconds.  It’s a lot cheaper, too.

I, as many of you, will always prefer ‘the real thing’ to read and adorn my bookshelves, but I quite like this instant and very readable new fangled idea.

Claudius, another Roman masterpiece from Douglas Jackson

Douglas Jackson’s Claudius, the sensational sequel to Caligula, is nothing short of excellent. Whilst I would highly recommend reading Caligula first, it is not necessary, as it is an exceptional ‘stand alone’ historical novel.  

The author has woven in his two characters from Claudius, Rufus, the slave and Bersheba, the loveable, mischievous elephant, into the historical account of Rome’s conquer of Britain in a way that gives another dimension.  ‘Seeing’ and ‘hearing’ Rufus’s version of events brings a personal touch to the proceedings, making it even more compelling.

The obvious in-depth research and poetic licence brings Claudius ‘to life’ with stunning clarity.

Devious plots, battles and their aftermath are portrayed in stark detail.  Together with Douglas Jackson’s own brand of wit and a few unexpected twists, it will be extremely difficult to do anything else until one has finished reading.

This is not just history; it’s another epic from Douglas Jackson.